General Hospital Spoilers and Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  05.09.08


I mentioned Ric claims to be a changed man and SPOILERS say he'll tell Alexis a bit more about his childhood.  But is he really changed?  Another Ric RUMOR...he'll be the one that learns the truth about Jake's paternity.  The RUMORS have him telling Elizabeth he knows the truth but that he'll keep her secret and make sure perjury charges are not brought against his ex-wife. Ric's also RUMORED to tell Elizabeth that he regrets helping Anthony get released and warns her that if Anthony ever finds out about her connection to Jason, there could be trouble.  But is Ric as honorable as he claims to now be?  If the RUMORS are right, not completely!  He'll also tell Jason he knows the truth and Jake's daddy warns the former DA to keep his trap shut and stay away from Elizabeth.  Ric reminds Jason he is in no position to make threats.  His son's safety and Elizabeth not facing perjury charges all rest in Ric's hands.  Has Ric known the truth all along? Will his need to get revenge on his father impede his good intentions towards Elizabeth and Jake?

Jason and Robin fans?  Any still out there?  Well they'll be sharing some scenes where they talk about regrets and bad choices.  They'll even talk about fatherhood and Jason may be offering his ex-girlfriend some advice.  Talk to Patrick.  Fatherhood is not as easy to grasp as she may think. 

Kimberly McCullough

Did you see the Blind Item?  Is this a GH'er?  There are RUMORS that it is!  Who would return to a "Real" Campaign?  I know you all  have been making guesses and if it is a  General Hospital character,there really is only one option.  There are online RUMBLINGS that it is the character of Lucky Spencer.  There is no confirmation on this and some "insiders" claim we'll see it in the magazines soon.  I love Greg Vaughn.  I also love Jonathan Jackson but for me, Greg Vaughn is Lucky Spencer. 

Claudia goes to Jerry for a helping hand.  Too bad for Claudia, Jerry goes to Anthony with a plan.  Is this the plan to kill Claudia?  Remember, Claudia is shot and Jerry is the shooter.  

LuSam Fans... I don't have much but Lucky and Sam MAY BE teaming up to investigate something.  It's said to be something close to home.