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Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy To Be Guests on The View

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I've just learned that on Thursday, May 15, 2008, at 11:00 AM, Brandon and Kristen will appear on ABC’s The View to discuss their red hot teen pregnancy storyline.


The controversial plotline that ties in with public service announcements by Alderson about teen pregnancies has created quite a stir. It has been a long time since the old soap staple, the unplanned teen pregnancy, has been trotted out so that makes the timing right for it but when you add in the Todd factor the stakes soar.

It isn't just that teen lover's Cole and Starr consummated their love in the age old way and are now facing the consequences. Starr's father is a stark raving mad homicidal rapist who insists on pretending that his consenting not exactly adult daughter was complicite in the budding relationship. Todd is threatening to send Cole to prison on an unrelated charge and calling the teens sexual experience RAPE!

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Furthermore; making matters even more complicated the addle brained teens have run away (as if that ever solves anything) and Todd is calling it kidnapping! Nothing like being a delusional homicidal rapist, is there?

Bold and (arguably) exciting this storyline is the first in a long time to mix cutting edge socially responsible storytelling with it's disfunctional first family's patented mayhem. The performances being handed out by all concerned have been riviting and I look forward to hearing what the teen performers think about the subject matter.