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One Life to Live Returns to Mendorra!

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Daytime Confidential can now confirm that Ron Carlavati has been digging into the One Life to Live vault of history and has come up with a rare gem. First, there were rumors of a script mentioning “Crown Jewels”, and now we have actually found confirmation of the resurrection of ‘Mendorra’.


For those of you that do not remember, Mendorra is a small principality near Germany that was featured back in the late 80’s early 90’s on One Life to Live. There was Tina’s determination to have the crown jewels of Mendorra for herself. Once that was out of the way, One Life to Live decided to return to Mendorra with Bo Buchanan, Sarah and Megan Gordon. Megan at one time had become involved with the Crown Prince of Mendorra and after he saved her life he had become blind and Megan, Sarah and Bo went with him back to Mendorra. Once there they ran into Dorian, who was the Ambassador and Cassie, her daughter.

A lot happened during this time that is just a lot of history to get into on a blog, however, this was one of the last great location shoots in One Life to Live history as this was all filmed in Austria. In fact, Bo and Sarah’s first wedding, with Bo in the Prince Raymond disguise, was filmed in the same church as The Sound of Music.

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However, getting back into present day, the current rumors have been that Tina finally got her wish and has gathered all the jewels in Mendorra for herself, as if she will be the Queen.

The Mendorra talk is now further confirmed by a post made on actor Jason Rowland’s website (which we've screencapped below). While Rowland has been on One Life to Live before as ‘Boo’ a card player friend of Roxy’s, his website is now saying that he has “just shot ANOTHER episode of One Life to Live in April of 2008 and this time he will be playing Mr. Caldwell, a curator from the fictitious country of Mendorra!!! It airs on ABC at 2pm on May 21st, 2008”.

Well, we all know how Ron loves to dig in One Life to Live’s rich history and it is beginning to sound like he has struck gold again.