So, You Think You Can Write For OLTL? Here's Your Chance!


How many times have we sat in our forums and devised better plots than what we see playing out on our screens? More than we can count, certainly. Well with Ron Carliavati at the helm of One Life to Live we may feel that way LESS often but that doesn't mean that fans aren't the most creative and fun people I know. Now we havea chance to show what kind of creative stuff we are made of and here is how it works.


Before the writer's strike we were told that Miles Laurence has a secret. Now that the big boss man, our main man Ron C (Ron, Ron, He's our man; if he can't do it NO ONE CAN)  is back in the saddle he is going to revisit that secret, except; it isn't written yet! Thats where the fun comes in!

The Miles Laurence “Write In and Win” contest asks: What do you think Miles’ secret is? The fan who has the best concept for what Miles has been keeping to himself all of these months will receive a personal phone call from David – and a free year subscription to his fan club! What if you’re already a member… then you’ll be given a lifetime membership! 

Deadline to enter is May 31, 2008 to enter, as many times as you want, making sure each entry is formatted like so…



Area code and Phone Number:

I think Miles' secret is:

Once you’ve included all the required information above on a card, be sure to address your envelope to:

David Chisum

c/o ABC TV studios

56 W 66th Street

New York, NY 10023

Attention: Mile's Secret

The lucky winner of this neat contest will be chosen through a random drawing on Saturday, June 7, 2008, at which time David’s camp will schedule your personal phone call. If you have any questions, feel free to contact David’s fan club president, Jeania, at chisumfan@aol.com.