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Betty White on "Million Dollar Password"

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Did you enjoy Betty White on The Bold & Beautiful? Have you missed not seeing her as Stephanie and Pam's mother dishing out advice in her not so tender and oh so unintentionally creepy way?

Betty White

If you're in need of a Betty White fix you'll want to check out CBS's remake of the reality show Million Dollar Password.

ET Online went behind the scenes at the new show to visit with Betty White, whose appearance on Million Dollar Password will make it her 30th time on a show that her husband Allen Ludden originally hosted years ago.

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The new edition of Million Dollar Password which premier on June 1st will be hosted by daytime talk legend Regis Philbin. When asked about whether or not the new show brought back memories Betty White responded "How could it not bring back memories? And some of them even sting a little," continuing. "Because that was a long time ago, and there's somebody missing. Regis is wonderful, but there's somebody missing for me."