Days of Our Lives: Weekly Preview from Denial Island


G’day Days fans and welcome to this weeks Days of our LivesEpisode Preview: the View from Denial Island.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m still a little shocked from that kiss Sami planted on EJ last week – I mean, of course, I knew it was coming, but to actually see it… and from what I’ve seen in some spoiler previews for this week – her reaction to it is even better.  But more about that later.


This appears to be the consensus for this newest couple’s smushname – speaking of this couple, apparently they also have their own fan forum.  But enough of the plug.  I don’t know, I’m feeling better about this couple this week, maybe because Chelsea is no longer two-timing Nick.  Unfortunately for Chelsea, she’ll be spending a lot of time this week trying to convince Daniel that it’s worth exploring their feelings for each other – intermixed with a lot of smooching.

The Case of the Missing Disk

We find out who’s taken Jawn’s memories this week – it’s revealed to be Philip!  I don’t really take much notice of spoilers too far ahead, so I had no idea it was him.  Here I was thinking Rolf had done the dirty on his new master – and maybe he was involved and I just haven’t noticed.  Unfortunately for Philip the disk is still encrypted – wont stop Vic from being impressed enough to hand over the reins of the Kiriakis empire.  Is Vic going to… gasp… retire?

Patch/Kayla & Bope

Ooh, exciting, and yet heart-wrenching week for the parents-to-be – they’re going to welcome a new baby BOY into the world – now admittedly he’s a little premature.  Like, by about 4 or 5 months – wasn’t he conceived in like, January?  Before that happens though, Steve gets ‘almost’ killed by one of the Vitali henchmen, but is saved at the last minute by Bo and Hope.  Aaah… Bope to the rescue – almost feels like old times, doesn’t it?  They then turn their sights on Papa Martino Vitali but before they can get any goss out of him, he pulls a gun on them and gets himself shot.


Learns the truth about her father’s involvement in her own illness, her mother’s death and basically that her whole trust in her family has been one big fat lie and betrayal.  I’m still liking TB, and I hope she sticks around, even though her ‘Dad’ has just been killed and she seems to have no more ties to Salem.

Chloe’s Revenge

Erm.  Yes.  Chloe has sworn revenge on Vic.  Here I was thinking we might have seen the last of her when she swanned off to visit hubby Brady in rehab, but apparently he’s giving her the old heave ho quickie divorce and DivaChloe is looking for someone to blame.  Apparently that’s Vic.   Unfortunately for Chloe, I think revenge will come in the form of attempting to seduce Philip – a ploy she inadvertently shares with Nicole.  Who would’ve thought those two as partners in crime?  LOL, if that happens that actually might be funny - I see more catfights (here's hoping anyway!).

Nick the Brain vs Max… the Brain?

What is going on with Max?  Has he suddenly remembered that he is a genius in disguise?  What is he doing with Nick’s proposal, really?  Are they suddenly going to become research buddies or is he trying to sabotage him (I’m asking here, feel free to respond).  Stax are pretty boring this week. Watch at your own risk.

EJami and Nicole… and Lucas (sort of)

Oh, I’m not letting Lucas’ return marr my happiness at the upcoming EJami scenes this week.  Look away Lumi-lovers, you aint gonna like what you see.  Especially Sami’s shocked reaction (and resulting post-smooch gaze at EJ) before rushing off screaming to speak to Lucas.  Lucas refuses to speak to Sami, prompting Sami to ask Rotox to help her visit him.  It wont do her much good, Lucas is going to send her an always personal email telling her to stop holding on to the hope for a relationship between them and move on.  I’d say listen Sami.  Meanwhile, EJ tries to level the playing field and have Lucas released.  He learns his request is denied, but we all know he’s out on house arrest next week, so can’t see the point of that plot line. Also, and this is the best part EJammers, Sami and EJ are FINALLY going to talk about that thing that I’m on Denial Island about (Dec 29, the night Johnny was conceived).  Hip hip hoo-bloody-ray as far as I’m concerned.  It’s waaaaay overdue.  So’s the part where Sami and EJ finally consummate their marriage. Oops, I think that’s next week.

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Well... I kinda already gave it away really, but EJ and Sami finally get together! ... and then Lucas walks in
  • Tony proposes to Anna (aww)
  • Baby Boy Johnson is still in NICU (well, he really is premature, so he should be there for awhile)

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