General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I wasn’t impressed by much today, so these will be brief.

I was surprised that Lulu told Johnny the truth. I guess I’m more interested in the two of them pulling the wool over Crazy Daddy’s eyes, than her pulling it over Johnny. And I was interested in the comment Johnny made about finding enough evidence on Daddy to take to the feds.

Still tired of Tracy thinking that Luke is sleeping with anything that moves. And I’m tired that all she seems to do all day is show up at the Star to yell at him and warn him about pending divorce-ness. You know, if you’re not happy, divorce him already and stop yapping about it. Interesting that Luke mentioned Sam in terms of being “his son’s girlfriend”, since we haven’t had a LuSam scene in about three years, to establish their relationship.

Hated the Jerry/Alexis scene. Sorry, but if I came across the guy I was currently interested in, with his tongue down someone else’s throat, that would be the end of that. If it happened to be the town’s resident sex kitten’s throat, well then, I’d head over to the closest clinic for a tuberculosis shot. There would be no flustering, no jealousy, no whatever. Buh bye, don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. The fact that she then called Luke to yammer on about men and how horrible they are, just made it worse.

Sonny/Kate; I said the word “betrayal” before he did!! Also, I’m totally not sad that they’ve broken up and I’m hoping Kate realizes how lucky she is, so she can go and hook up with Mac or Detective Harper.

Scrubs show up to give Nikolas good news…..and then they leave. Why not have them (or at least Robin) sit and chat/visit with Nikolas. His only visitor seems to be a stalker (even though I kind of like Nadine, does she not have work to do, ever??). Lulu’s chasing her boyfriend, Lucky’s apparently working, Liz is nowhere to be found, Alexis is getting flummoxed by a sociopath groping a mob sex kitten and Sam’s playing cards for Luke. You picked a bad week for brain surgery there, Nik.

Carly/Jax/Jason: Eh, I need a break from the Micheal story. Give me something else to biatch about for a couple of days!!