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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop! 05.12.08


Sam and Lucky investigation team?  When they visit Nikolas he's unconscious and may have an overdose of medication.  The same medication Elizabeth got chewed out for.  Something fishy is going on at General Hospital.  Will they require assistance from another PI?  How about another doc? 

Sonny and Carly... the mags say they're only kissing.  We heard they're getting it on.  Jax and Kate... it looks like they're the ones that only smooch.  RUMORS have Sonny and Kate being back on track and Kate offering a clean slate by telling all about Jax.  Sonny doesn't spill his coffee beans though. 

Patrick and Robin in wedded bliss?  That's the RUMOR.  It appears that this storyline has been pushed back so Noah can be at his son's wedding.  The RUMORS also say that Robin and Patrick will be the Doctors Drake when Night Shift Season Two begins. 

Just call her fertile myrtle!  RUMORS say Elizabeth winds up pregnant, again.  Take these with a grain of salt.  This week Jason saves his lady love during the storm when he finds her walking in the rain after some car trouble.  They'll head to the safehouse and Jason breaks down emotionally.  Elizabeth is there to comfort him and what goes best with a little comfort?  A little sex.  The pair still agree to keep their relationship a secret.  The following week Elizabeth is SPOILED to show up at Jason's penthouse.  This is when she'll be able to act as his alibi for when Claudia is shot.  Further down the road is where the pregnancy RUMORS kick in.  


Is Claudia shot...or stabbed?  They really are getting their money's worth out of Sarah Brown!  The latest RUMORS have her being stabbed by Jerry.  Is that how she winds up on Spoon Island?  Supposedly, Jerry stabs her and throws her into the harbor.  She washes up on Spoon Island.  If the RUMORS of Claudia being shot are still true, it should be a week or so later.

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Jax's departure... does he skip town without consulting the wife?  RUMORS say yes.  Carly is said to get a note from her hubby that he had to leave town on business.  Seems a little cold, no?  The RUMORS explain that Jax gets a call and he has to leave immediately.  What's so important that you have to leave your wife during such a fragile time?


Luke Spencer is also skipping town and SPOILERS say he'll ask Tracey to go on the run with him.  She'll tell him no.  Does Luke find something out before he leaves?

While Claudia is with Nikolas will she be telling more than just bad dad stories?  RUMORS say she may be telling Nikolas she was working with Dr. Devlin.  Will Nikolas use that information to his advantage?  He just may use it to protect his baby sis from the evil Zaccharas.  

Remember Spinelli was supposed to be working on who killed Stan?  I know we remember, do the writers?  There are RUMORS that this storyline will be revisited.  Spinelli seems to be a busy man.  RUMORS have him helping Sam, finding out who killed Stan and possibly helping Carly find out why her husband skipped town.  


Another power outage?  The storm knocks out the power around PC.  

Swords down?  Maxie and Lulu team up to help Kate battle her competition.