One Life to Live: Feeling the Love Around the Web


One Life to Live is on a roll with Ron Carlivati back at the helm and people are sitting up and taking notice. TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has a great new "The Nelson Ratings" up extolling the power of four little words "Written by Ron Carlivati."  Meanwhile Tom Casiello published a new blog "Our Lives SHOULD be a soap opera (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ron Carlivati)" over the weekend talking about how he is once again a believer, thanks to One Life to Live.

Here is an excerpt from Tom's blog.

There's Dorian and Langston having one of the most wonderfully realistic talks about abortion I've ever seen on a soap! There's Adriana, showing all the likable sides of her I could never connect with, while at the same time, expressing all the insecurities a soon-to-be-a-bride suffers through in the days leading up to her wedding! There's Starr and Cole, sharing scenes about teen pregnancy I've always wanted to see confronted on soaps, but they've shied away from, for way too long! There's Viki and Charlie, front-and-center in the kind of love story that made me fall in love with Mac and Rachel back in the day on AW! There's Natalie, finally in a love story I finally CARE about her in! And there's David Vickers - a TV star shuttled back to poverty by the WRITERS' STRIKE (and that flash-bulb montage of him was PRICELESS, not to mention the pictures of himself on the mantle!) On the flip side, there was Blair and Todd, having it out while both being understandable, and fighting like two people who have been to hell and back and then took up permanent residence in the place they started - mining history for all its worth. And speaking of history - there's Tina on the horizon! And Marty! And rumors about all sorts of former comebacks, including the big K herself - Judith Light! (Will she have to face the courtroom stand again? YIKES!)

I saw flash after flash of what made me fall in love with soaps to begin with this week on One Life. When 2 PM is rolling around, I've started to get a little more excited, my heart beats a little bit faster. And when the credits roll, I'm so bummed I have another twenty-four hours before the next installment.