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Young & Restless: In Need of an Exorcism

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So I'm sitting here blogging away about all the latest daytime related news while watching the

Young & Restless

and all of a sudden I had an intense desire to turn into Linda Blair's Regan from

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The Exorcist

and spew projectile green pea vomit all over my computer screens. In the name of all that holy, or this case not, what has the

Young & Restless

come to? This is actual dialogue from a scene between Victor and Sabrina after he gives her what I'm almost 100% positive is an engagement ring.

Victor: The first time I looked at you I knew you were something special.

Sabrina: The first time you touched me (insert orgasmic sigh) I had goosebumps...It was at the Restless Style party...

Victor: I know, I put my hand on your back.

Sabrina: You remember (insert a whispered writhing in her voice)!!!

Victor: Guttural unintelligible sound of agreement.

Victor: You make me happy.

Insert Victor and Sabrina groping each other for several milliseconds of eye bleaching agony for us the viewers.

Sabrina: Haaaaaaaa. (i.e. long sigh of contentment over knowing she's landed the giant bank account.)

Sabrina: First thing I'm going to do is call my mom. She's not going to believe this (Neither do we honey. No way in hell do you belong with Victor. Maybe, if you're lucky, smarmy old Brad Carlton who has proven he has no standards and is just a big RoboHo but not Victor Newman.)

Sabrina: Then I'm going to call Vicky. I want to talk to her. (Oh yeah, that's going to go over well.)

This is what the Young & Restless has come to? This is supposed to be the brilliant writing of the #1 soap? Someone needs to do an exorcism on this show and vanquish Sabrina back to whatever country she comes from.