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All My Children: Is it Crazy to Ask??

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Is it crazy to ask ABC for what we actually want to see in a Soap? Things like good writing, less new characters, more veterans, and actual fluidity and believability? That being said, here is this weeks rant, or Blog as it may be.......

So, Dixie is back. Either in ghost or Angel form, or as a figment of Adam’s imagination. Either way, this is not as fitting or appropriate as I thought it would be. As a matter of fact, all the cackling she is doing is aggravating the hell out of me. Or, is that aggravating the heaven out of me? Honestly, it is hard for me to tell. I do not approve of the way they have brought this once-loved character back. Honestly, if I were Cady McClain, I’d be downright pissed at the scriptwriting. I do like the way she seems to be taunting him into a padded cell, that part is appropriate, as a matter of fact, I would LOVE to see Adam Chandler actually face his “ghosts” in a looney bin. Tit for tat, ya know? However, I hardly think Tad would be there this time to break him out, like he tried to do for Dixie all those many years ago. Also, I think the whole “cinder and ashes” crap that Adam is seeing is a bit much. We all know where Adam is going, why think he can ever redeem himself?

I also want to talk about Cassie’s toy elephant, the one that Rob keeps trying to get his hands on. Ok, hear me out here. This is a 20 year old toy. It is supposedly important to her, and seeing how she carries it around, her favorite. So, I ask you, when has a childs favorite toy ever look like it was brand-new? Ok, Let me tell you a little secret here, I have kids. They have webkinz. I have washed their favorite ones at least a dozen times, and they NEVER come out looking like new. I do not care how well a child takes care of a toy, after 20 years it looks like it has been through he ringer. Heck, after 20 DAYS, if your kid is anything like mine, the toy is pretty much used and abused. Ya think someone might have found the diamond in that thing yet? C’mon people, wake up!!

Babe is growing a brain here, folks, she put 2 and 2 together and figured out that Richie set JR up to find the hooker in his bed. How long do you think it will take her to figure out he also stole JR’s bone marrow? Or that JR got Hepatitis A from the procedure? HMMM…. Maybe with Jr’s new haircut, Babe may find him more attractive, god knows I sure do!

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Aidan was sent to Darfur this week to save Dr. Jake Martin, now being played by Ricky Paull Goldin. What surprised me more was at one moment, they are looking at the explosion that was created at the jail, and the next moment, he is standing in Zach’s office at Cambias Industries. Are you kidding me? The entire arc of Aidan going to Darfur, until the time he “arrived” back in Pine Valley took less time altogether than the flights both ways would have taken. Is there any reality in soap timing? Any at all? How did Jake get to the area where he was found and taken to the hospital? And how the hell did Aidan get back so damn fast? Wait, the Pine Valley Rapid Transit System is in operation. This amazing system can transport you from anywhere in the world to Pine Valley in as much time as it takes a commercial break to air. Amazing, isn’t it?

OY VEY! I need some Tylenol!

From the Medicated Mind of an AMC Girl