Fantasy Head Writer: What If Days' Ava's Stepmother Was A Blast From Salem's Past?


Okay so we already know Papa Vitali is not long for this life. What if a sleek, veiled woman in black Donna Karan shades shows up for his funeral? Who is this woman? What is her tie to the Vitali crime family and more notably to volatile mob princess Ava (Tamara Braun)?

Her appearance is teased for weeks beforehand. We see her reading the newspaper in a posh, Parisian hotel suite. Headlines of Martino's death are ablaze across the front page. We hear her all-too-familiar voice summoning her manservant to make arrangements for a flight to Salem.

Flash forward to the funeral where she sits in the back, drawing suspicion from several attendees. Sami, Kate, Victor, Philip and John all wonder who this mysterious, fashionable creature could possibly be. Then later at the reading of Vitali's will, EJ  announces the Vitali holdings will go to a wife no one has ever heard of! The attendees are shocked to their core, especially Ava, who has big plans for her father's fortune-including making the Brady's pay for his death.

"Who the hell is this wife?" Ava rages.

"I am," calls the veiled woman from the entrance to the room.

Everyone turns to contend her.

The woman takes off her glasses and hands them to her ever faithful man-about-town.

'I'll take those Madam," he says dutifully.

"Thank you Ivan," she demurs.

"Oh my god!" Kate gasps.

"What the hell is going on?" Victor demands.

"Vivian?!" Sami exclaims, half amused, half alarmed.

"Hello everyone," Vivian Alamain-Vitali (Lousie Sorel) greets them with a regal smirk. "It's good to be home!"

*The above fan fic came from the sleep deprived mind of one Jamey Giddens. It is not from a spoiler, rumor, spumor or Spud McKenzie.