General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Ok, so Lucky and Sam are dating. Good to know. I mean, I’d hate for their romantic pairing to get in the way of all the Sonny/Carly/Jason angst. I’m telling you, sometimes I’d rather watch what happens off screen, since it seems to be better than what’s on screen.

And speaking of LuSam, nice of them to finally show up to visit Nik and a good thing too, since who knows how long he was lying on the floor. I guess we can’t expect someone who’s just had brain surgery to be hooked up to monitors that would go off when he has a seizure. The logic, she seems to be absent on this show!!

Nice of them to finally give us an explanation for Maxie’s absence. Although I’m not sure if it was more to explain her being MIA or more to show us how stupid Spinelli can get in her absence. I mean really, the kid’s a dork, but does he have to be one with a capital D?

Good scene between Sonny and Mike, but I was annoyed by Mike. He’s always puppy dogging after Sonny, trying to get in his good graces, and here, Sonny asks him to go with him to check out the facility and Mike turns him down? To get Kate to go instead? Come on, that is not true to character. Mike would have been doing cartwheels that Sonny asked him that, and they could still have had the Mike/Kate scene where he asks her to go and she could still have shown up at the facility at the end with Mike and Sonny there.

The writers are having schizophrenic moments when it comes to Patrick. One minute he wants to be included in pregnancy stuff, going so far as to look upset when Robin turns him down, the next minute, he’s drowning his sorrows at Coleman’s going on about how pregnancy sucks and what not. Well, which is it?

I swear, if Robin says she’s as big as a cow one more time, I’m going to have to hurt someone. She’s at least 5 months pregnant and barely looks it. The least they could do is get her to start wearing those pregnancy pads, so that at least we can sympathise with her feelings of fatness. Otherwise, it’s just silly. Also, did you know that Patrick said he thought her mother was hot and that really pisses Robin off. No really, it’s true.