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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop!  05.13.08


Sam hears a secret... will she tell?  It looks like Sam learns something disturbing about Jerry.  She'll keep it to herself though.  Sam will be vocal about her mother's budding relationship with the one-time hostage taker as will Jax.  Sam wants Alexis to steer clear of Jerry because of what she's heard, Jax wants his best friend happy but isn't convinced Jerry is the key to her happiness.  RUMORS have said Sam overhears something while working on the Haunted Star but keeps the information to herself.  Is it about Jerry?  Time will tell.  Lucky wants to know why Sam is so adamant about staying on at the Haunted Star despite the friction with Tracey.  

Early reports had Tracy sticking around and running the Star.  Now there are some rumblings that Jane Elliot will be offscreen while Tony Geary is but she'll return a few weeks before him.  RUMORS have her mixing it up with Sam while Luke's away.  We'll have to see what happens.  

Liason Fans... Jason and Elizabeth are publicly outed, soon.  First we have the save in the rain, Jason breaking down at the Safehouse and a little love in the afternoon for the couple.  When and IF Jake's paternity is revealed to Monica, Alan's will should be revisited and cause trouble for Tracey.  See there's plenty for Jane to do while Tony is on vacation. 


Luke is getting cuffed!  He'll be arrested for money laundering.  Who finally does him in?  Trevor!  He'll be the one to have Luke arrested and this ends Anthony's hold over Lulu.

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Patrick hits Jake's once again.  Dr. Drake dishes out some advice about the ladies to Spin and talks with Coleman about his bachelor days being over.  Who else is visiting the dive bar?  Anna!  She returns to PC and she and Robin hit up the pool hall.  Yay!  That means more Coleman. 

Lulu and Johnny faking it a little too well?  SPOILERS say Jolu get physical and someone sees them. Any guesses to who practices voyeurism? Johnny is determined to take down dear old dad.  Will he and Lulu also find Trevor's weakness? 

Claudia takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.  She's stabbed and thrown in the harbor.  After almost a week with Nikolas, she's shot and taken to the hospital.  Claudia is the new Kelly Taylor!  Now, RUMORS say Nikolas will be with her when she is shot.  This is a chem test for the pair.  


Is Maxie starting to have feelings for Spinelli?  RUMORS say she is but she'll fight them.  Will Spin being seeing green?  When Maxie spends time with a male designer he will.


Leyla...still hearing that her mom is coming to Port Charles.  This storyline should kick off closer to the NightShift Season Two Premiere.  

Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.  In Jax and Kate's case, this statement holds true.  They'll head to Manhattan for a business meeting / party and while dancing, Kate tells Jax he's really the ideal man for her.  They kiss and admit that it's a mistake as they are both in love with other people.