One Life To Live: "Llanview Review," Ron Carlivati Take Me Away!


What an honor it is to be asked to do a short "Llanview Review" with you. Yes, you can still find me dishing the daytime dirt for Eye On Soaps in my column View from the Recliner's Edge, which will be updated this week after a short hiatus. So stay tuned but in the meantime here is a little taste of what the Diva is cooking as pertains to One Life to Live.


From the land of the BIZZARRO comes my first tidbit. Snoop Dogg, the Doggfather in LLlanview. He knows Sarah and he is friends with Bo. Okie-Dokey, smokey. Whatever floats your R&B boat. I found the scenes enjoyable. Bizzare but not unpleasant. I mean, it's not like I think of rappers when I watch One Life. The music seemed out of place to me. I loved the exit with long, tall Dogg leaving Ultra Violet. What a photo opportunity that was, huh? Here's what I thought was wierd (but this may be more a comment on the music type than the scenes themselves) that none of these women find it objectable to be addressed as "ho's" by some one calling himself "Big Pimpin". I guess its all in the context of the song and songster but how odd for me!


Also from the land of the ODD, I see Marcie McBain climbed out of her depression bed and came down to the bar to dance Pimp side as one of Dogg's ho's. Maybe he could start a new rehab for depressed women? Seems to work WONDERS. Next time I'm in a funk maybe I should.... or maybe not, I just can't see me "raising the roof" with joy as someone talks about me like a two dollar hooker. I'm content to blame it on my age.

I have got to say that I LOVED Snoop Dogg's version of the theme song. LOVED it. It is modern and funky and I'd love to see it adopted by the show. Anytime a daytime show can get the kind of cross cultural exposure this kind of event generates I am all for it!

Drunken Rex having a heart to heart with not nearly drunk enough Bo... oh yes to the double ya. LOL. I still hope and pray that Roxy is keeping the secret of Rex's paternity so closely guarded as to black mail Charlie into taking the rap for it because BO BUCHANAN is his real father. Don't ask me how. This is a soap. They bring cremated dead back to life. Just make it happen and I'll swallow it hook, line and sinker. Kay?


I'm going to be sorry to see Nash go. He really made Jess tolerable for me. What kind of wreck will she be when he is gone? I'm quite afraid we are going to find out. too bad, too. Yes I can see that the storyline potential for such a young couple to be happily married and settled down would be limited but with the genius behind One Life to Live, Ron Carlivati I would hope they could find a way to do so.

This is a taste of what you will be able to read in my upcoming column in which I talk about all three ABC daytime shows. I'll give you a heads up for the next update, I'm calling One Life To Livethe best show on daytime at this time, and I mean that. I hate to jump on the band wagon and in fact I am quite content to let most of those band wagons just roll on by without me but in this case it is so true.

Adriana, she of the notorious Bitchy Bangs and Gigi about to have it out over Rex at the wedding. OMG. So delicious! Charlie is not Rex's father but he is jared's father and that's about to hit the fan? Yumminess! David Vickers in a wife beater with or without that trashy hairnet and oh so gay looking neckerchief: got to have some more of that! Tina is coming back. Carlo Hesser and Marty Saybrooke are on the horizon? And now Dorian knows Starr's secret? THUD. I have keeled OVER with joy.

Such soapy goodness! Climb on in and lather up, my pretties, because this is setting up to be the mother of all summer soap bubble baths and Ron Carlivati pouring the Calgon. Take me away!