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All My Children: Beth Ehlers Already Signed as Hayley...or Liza?

Daytime Confidential has received an anonymous tip from someone claiming to be a setside source from All My Children that Beth Ehlers (Harley, Guiding Light) has indeed signed on to recreate the role of Adam Chandler's illegitimate daughter Hayley Vaughan Santos.

We post this with a grain of salt because the poster didn't give us their name as past insiders have. What makes us believe this claim might have legs is that when DC made a call to AMC's publicist, we were told "No comment, we don't comment on rumors," however when we called about the rumor concerning pop singer Brandy Norwood joining the show awhile back, we were given a firm "No, that isn't true." Keep reading DC for the latest news on Beth Ehlers and her soap future.


Update: The message boards are abuzz with alleged spoilers from this week's Soap Opera Weekly stating Ehlers will play Adam's ex-wife Liza Colby, as opposed to his daughter Hayley.  Will someone at ABC drop a press release on a brutha already?!

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