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Daytime Confidential #240: Thom Bierdz Interview

On today's episode of Daytime Confidential Mike and Luke visit with former Young & Restless star Thom Bierdz about his role as Phillip Chancellor. He talks about what was like to star opposite of Jeanne Cooper and Brenda Dickson. He talks about how he dealt with being a popular young soap hunk while being a real life gay man and what it is like to look back on those scenes.


We discuss his memoir "Forgiving Troy." "Forgiving Troy" is a story of a family torn apart by extreme tragedy and then put back together through Thom's inherent compassion and his uncompromising search for answers.

Thom talks about the inspiration behind his award winning paintings, which style is his favorite to paint, and how it provides meaning in his life.

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Be sure to tune in for this insightful interview and then visit his Official Website.

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