General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Does anyone actually believe that Sonny will give up the rights to his boys? I just think Jax is being majorly delusional and I was glad to see Alexis try to talk some sense in him.

Loved the Lucky/Sam/Nik/Liz scenes. Interesting to have these characters together and not have Sam and Liz at each other’s throats. Everyone being civil and sharing information and Lucky looking all hot!! More please.

Completely don’t care about Lulu and Johnny and whether they’re together because they like each other or because they’re messing with Daddy Zuchini’s head.

Anyone else find it annoying that everyone and their uncle shows up at the Haunted Star to conduct business despite Luke not even being there? Also, no wonder the place doesn’t do good business, everyone drinks the booze but doesn’t pay for it.

Had a hearty chuckle when Logan came running in, gun in hand, about 3 minutes after Jason shows up and Daddy Zuchini’s all, “if Jason Morgan wanted to kill me, I’d be dead already”. Good to see Logan’s as bad a bodyguard as Max and Milo are.

Spinelli’s whole story was sad and pathetic and he clearly needs something to do when Maxie’s away on business.

Loved the Daddy Zuchini/Ric scene and got another hearty chuckle out of Daddy’s “mumbles” speech. Wonder which actor that was directed at!!