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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop!  05.14.08

Emotional goodbyes as Michael is taken to the facility.  Bobbie and Jax are both RUMORED to say goodbye.  Elizabeth has the task of cleaning Michael's empty room.  Will she see Jason there?  RUMORS have longing looks happening for Liason at the hospital.  Sonny and Carly take their son to the facility together.  On the ride home from the facility, Carly and Sonny engage in grief sex in the back of Sonny's limo.  Afterwards, Carly asks Sonny to stay away from Morgan and let Jax adopt both the boys.  He doesn't take her request well.  Carly returns home to find that Jax has left and she'll ask for the Jackal's assistance in locating her missing man.  Sonny vows to change and asks Carly to re-think her request.


Claudia thinks she and Jerry have struck a deal.  She wants the former Mr. Craig to kill her father.  Only Jerry is not into that plan and stabs the mafia princess instead.  Zacrazy wants Ric to get on Claudia's good side, whatever it takes, but Claudia tells Ric, no thanks. Is Jerry working with Anthony?  He goes to the Zacchara patriarch and proposes a lease agreement for space on the Zacchara piers.  

Nikolas wants out... of GH that is.  He'll insist that he be released from the hospital despite Nadine wanting him to stay.  Nikolas gets a visit from Lulu and spends time with a once again SORAS'd Spencer. 


Claudia washes up on Spoon Island.  Nikolas finds her after being stabbed and dumped in the harbor.  He'll take her up to Wyndamere and in a state of delerium, Claudia is RUMORED to tell Nikolas she had dealings with the devilish Dr. Devlin.  Nikolas has to come to terms with his own illegal dealings with the evil doc and SPOILERS say he'll threaten Claudia with what he knows.  Remember I mentioned he uses this information to protect Lulu from the Z Family. 

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I am seeing more and more that Tracy leaves with Luke.  After his arrest, Tracy bails her hubby out of the clink.  Luke tells her he's going on the run and RUMORS say he'll ask Tracy to come with him.  Early reports said Tracy turns him down and she stays behind to run the Haunted Star.  Now I am seeing that Tracy may be hitting the road for a little Luke adventure.  If Tracy leaves with Luke, who is running the Star?  Sam?


Lucky cancels on Sam to babysit Jake.  The pair are supposed to have a date but Lucky steps in to help Elizabeth out and takes Jake for the night. 

Ingo's vacation... some are saying its not as long as RUMORED.  Jax may only be missing for a limited amount of time. 

Still seeing RUMORS that Sonny leaves organized crime behind to be a better father for his children.  IF this happens, Jason will take over. 

More RUMORS of a health scare for Robin.