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BREAKING NEWS: All My Children's Richie to be Killed Off; Petey SORAS'ed


An ABC source confirms that Annie Lavery's socipathic brother Richie (played to perfection by Billy Miller) will be killed off in the not-so-distant future.  To say the show wrote the character into a corner would be the understatement of the millenium.

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  Richie came on for the simple purpose of tormenting his sister Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) and to give her hubby Ryan (Cameron Mathison) yet another chance to play perennial superhero. Then the character developed feelings for Babe (Amanda Baker) and there was almost a flicker of hope he would be humanized. Almost. Richie's most nefarious stunt-kidnapping JR Chandler (Jacob Young) and stealing his bone marrow via a dirty needle that infected JR with Hepatitis C-is currently been revealed onscreen and according to our sources, redemption won't take place for this character.

In other AMC news, our source also revealed the rumor that Opal and Palmer Cortlandt's long-absent son Petey Cortlandt is being SORAS'ed is indeed true. Here's hoping they drop the name "Petey" and call the kid Pete, well, for Pete's sake.