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BREAKING NEWS: Ehlers Officially OUT at Guiding Light, IN at All My Children, but as WHO???


Soap Opera Weekly is officially confirming-via-this week's cover story- that Beth Ehlers has indeed jumped ship from Guiding Light and will be joining her former GL onscreen boo Ricky Paull Goldin (ex- Gus, now Jake) in a love triangle with Jake's brother Tad (Michael E. Knight) at All My Children

As the soap magazine went to press, sources indicated Ehlers would re-create the role of Liza Colby Chandler, Adam's ex-wife and the mother of the recently SORAS'ed Colby, just in time for Liza to face off with high school rivals Jesse and Angie (Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan) and the soon-to-be returning object of Liza's girlhood affections Greg Nelson (Laurence Lau). 

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Since the magazine went to bed however, rumors have since rebounded that it will be Hayley Vaughan Santos that Ehlers will be playing. Daytime Confidential sources shared  the soap allegedly tried to get Marcy Walker back as Liza, but Walker declined the offer to continue work with her church. Then there are rumors afoot that original Hayley, Kelly Ripa wasn't too pleased about the prospect of her signature soap role being recast. 

 Personally I think Ehlers would be mismatched as Liza, but would make a near perfect Nu-Hay-Lo. I love, love, LOVE K. Rip to DEATH, but she'll be back in Pine Valley about the same time Meg Ryan or Julianne Moore pays a visit to Oakdale. Ehlers' GL co-star Crystal Chappell-with a blonde dye job-would be a much better fit as snarky-yet-heartfelt Liza. This is worse than trying to figure out who is ahead between Hillary and Barack! Will Ehlers resurrect Uncle Porkchop's favorite niece or Jesse and Jenny's worst nightmare?  Thanks Gush 900 for the SOW head's up!