General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


They really should put Micheal in a priest’s collar and put a curtain at the door, because clearly everyone thinks his room is a confessional. Jason, Jax, Sonny, and now Liz. Really Liz, you’re thanking the kid for getting shot in the head because it made you see clearly what would happen to your boys if you keep hanging out with the wrong crowd? Because you couldn’t come to that conclusion without a 12 year old getting a brain bullet?

Love that they finally took off Micheal’s bandaid, but by contrast, I can’t believe they already took Nikolas’s off. Bad enough that he’s checking out of the hospital, after having a drug related seizure yesterday, but the bandaid’s off too??

And why is everyone saying goodbye to Micheal? Bobbie, Jason saying good bye. They’re going to see him all the time when they visit. At least Jax said he wasn’t saying good bye but have a nice trip, since he’ll see him all the time.

Sonny/Jason: I can’t stand this constant wanking on Sonny’s part about blaming himself. He’s screaming it at everyone and to me it comes off as him trying to be the victim when he’s not.

Line of the day:

Jason to Sonny: “We did this. You, me and Carly. We’re responsible”.

Loved the Corinthos scene as they got on the elevator with the paramedics and Micheal. Both parents, staring straight ahead instead of at each other. Carly looking pissed and kind of broken, Sonny looking properly guilty. Well done on both actors parts and I don’t usually say that when it comes to MB.

Maxie/Lulu: I was actually excited that they were getting along at first, working together organizing the stuff for Kate and then once Spinelli got there, they went back to their fighting, which gets tedious after awhile. And Spinelli’s beginning to annoy me. The girls are working, leave them be.

Ric/Jerry/Papa Zucchini: Loved these three together. All three actors really bring it and I had to laugh at Ric calling Jerry a sociopath, in front of Papa Z of all people. A roomful of crazies, yet they kept my interest.

Papa Z: “Do you know this man?”

Ric: “Yes, that’s Jerry Jacks. He’s a sociopath”

Jerry: “Takes one to know one, or two, as the case may be”

Ric; “Mr Z has since regained his sanity. Too bad we can’t say the same for you”

But the line of the day goes to Claudia as she once again gets banned from the meeting:

Claudia to Jerry/Ric/Papa Z: “If you’ll excuse me gentleman, I’m going into the kitchen to bake some cookies.”