General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Round Two! 05.15.08 Here’s the Scoop!

RUMORS popping up again...


Elizabeth and Jason being forced out in the open.  Remember that one?  Recent comments in one of the mags has Steve Burton calling Jason and Elizabeth not being able to be together as "tragic" and onliner's are taking that as an end to Liason.  Not so fast my friends as speculation is that this is what Guza has planned all along.  Make it next to impossible for them to be a couple, a family and then leave them no option but to be together and forge a united front.  

Mr. Craig making his reappearance.  I am still seeing RUMORS that Jerry is going back to his evil ways.  Will this end Jerry and Alexis?  Not likely as we all know nothing turns Ms. Davis on more than a bad boy and in typical Alexis fashion, she'll have her regrets.  I am also seeing that everyone else joins Jerry on his evil/crazy train.  RUMORS have Trevor, Anthony and Claudia all causing trouble too.   What happens to Corinthos - Morgan when they're enemies are too busy fighting each other?  

What about all the secrets that are supposed to be revealed?  Remember something about Kate was RUMORED to be exposed at the Crimson party?  Whatever happened to the party? RUMORS say Johnny has a secret that Lulu uncovers but is she in too deep when she finds it out? 

Grim Reaper coming?  RUMORS of a death are once again circulating.  A beloved male character.  The RUMORS say this death may be happening at the end of the month. 

Nikolas and Claudia (Naudia) are happening from what I can tell.  Their time together this week is definitely a chem test.  Too soon for the grieving Nikolas?  

Does Sam's digging land Lucky on the wrong side of a jail cell?  It's the investigation into Ian's drugs running through GH that ties Sam back to the mob.  So much for my hope that the hospital would get a storyline.  General Mobspital once again.  Here's to hoping it stays in the halls of GH. I'm sure my prayers are falling on deaf ears.


Comedy coming?  SPOILERS say in the form of Anna, Noah and Eli!  There should be some father-son bonding over Noah's bad example of how a father should be. 

Ric and Alexis clash?  They'll disagree once again about Ric's involvement with the Z's.  

Jason and Sonny... coming to blows?  Their friendship has been on a downward spiral for some time now and if the RUMORS are true it's about to explode.  Sonny tells Carly he'll leave the mob to stay in Morgan's life.  Both Carly and Jason are not buying it.  Will Sonny resort to threats?  After the limo-grief sex, Sonny tells Carly, Jax never needs to know.  Will he use their secret tryst to get Carly to withdraw her request?