General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop!  05.15.08


Let's talk Leyla and the RUMORS about her mom hitting Port Chuck.  According to RUMORS, Mrs. Mir shows up thinking her daughter has this great Doctor boyfriend.  Looks like Leyla is a bit of an exaggerator because these RUMORS say Momma Mir shows up with her wedding dress thinking Leyla's boyfriend is going to propose.  What happens when Mrs. Mir's arrival is just in time for Patrick and Robin's engagement party?  Is this RUMOR too good to be true?  Seems a little classic soap to me and too much classic soap for Bob Guza.  

Sam and Lucky and the great drug caper.  Another great premise for a storyline that takes Dr. Devlin's dealings away from the mob and back to the hospital.  You know, General Hospital, the show we're all watching.  Look for Liz and Robin to be involved in this storyline as well.  We may even get a Mac sighting with the Police Commissioner doing actual police work.  


Jason visits Michael at the facility.  He'll leave the travel book about Africa with the staff at the institute. 

Liason... cabin and the safehouse?  RUMORS that scenes for the popular pairing were shot in a cabin and at the couple's secret love nest.  The safehouse scenes are said to be when the couple agree to see each other in secret once again.  The cabin may be where the couple heads to escape the storm and should be when Jason breaks down over Michael.


Luke, Tracy and Trevor?  Luke and Trevor are SPOILED to have a high stakes game at the Haunted Star.  The grand prize?  Alcazar's piers.  Who wins?  No one.  It appears Alexis arrives and has both men arrested for gambling.  

Oh no... two men in one night?  Not again.  It appears that after Carly and Sonny work off their grief and anger, Carly returns home and sleeps with her husband.  No worries, she's SPOILED to shower in between. In the morning Jax wakes up to an empty bed and is said to just leave.  Carly has gone to Jason to admit what she's done.  Is she telling her BFF about the sex or about asking Sonny to give up his rights to the boys?  As I told you before, Carly enlists the Jackal's assistance in tracking down her hubby.  Where does Spinelli pick up his trail? Rome, Italy.  Now who would Jax be visiting in Rome?  More Brenda hints coming our way.