Report Card Time: Maria Arena Bell and Scott Hamner pass or fail?

Now that the Lynn Marie Latham era is over, (hallelujah!) most Young And The Restless (Y&R) fans are rejoicing that a Bell’s back at the helm of the show that brought the sexy back into daytime. However, some are wondering if Head Writer Maria Arena Bell (the late William J. Bell’s daughter in law), along with co-Head Writer Scott Hamner are doing more harm than Latham has done during her tenure at the Bell family’s flagstaff show. So far the duo have utilized its veteran actors (Jeanne Cooper, Jess Walton and Doug Davidson) and back burner characters (Colleen and Adrian), cleaned up some of the drivel via the LML era.


Yes we still don’t know who killed Ji-Min, who’s behind the Clear Springs disaster and the Newman Enterprises jet crash, however we have gotten some of the mystery (sort of) behind David Chow’s past revealed even though it was a GIANORMOUS let down and, Jack FINALLY got the Abbott mansion back from that damn grifter Gloria (YES!).

I must admit that when Ms. Latham got the kibosh placed on her and her posse, I did a lil’ jump for joy… Ok I did the Lean Wit It Rock Wit It dance, so sue me already many of you know ya did a victory dance also! However, I’m wondering if that was a bit premature or are we just being too hard on the new regime especially Ms. Bell because of her last name.

With the cheers and kudos for previous writers being ousted and new ones being brought in on other soaps, like Ron Carlivati being back at One Life to Live (OLTL) and bringing it back to life (no pun intended) and Dena Higley beefing up Days of Our Lives (DAYS) storylinescan the same be said for Y&R?