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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop! 05.16.08


Claudia's confession... to Nikolas.  I told you the Cassadine Prince keeps his new found knowledge in order to protect Lulu from Claudia and her crazy family.  Claudia should be spilling all on Monday and she tells Nik she hired Ian.  Will she be scrambling to cover?  SPOILERS say she'll try to get Nikolas to feel sorry for her and play on his sympathy.  As I mentioned yesterday, it appears that Naudia is happening.  Look for Claudia to confide in Nikolas and vice versa.  He'll tell the Mafia Princess about the love of his life. 

Nikolas may have to use his information sooner than he thought.  RUMORS have Anthony getting nasty with Lulu.  Papa Z also uses Johnny's affection towards the youngest Spencer to keep his boy in line.  Anthony's meddling continues as he and Ric decide to play Claudia and Johnny against each other.  Divide and conquer.

Is the Devlin situation as dead as he is?  Jerry thinks so but that may not be the case.  Remember Ian made threats that should anything happen to him, Jerry was going down.  We know the investigation into his drugs being run through GH is on with Lucky and Sam leading the hunt.  Will they uncover Jerry's connection?  RUMORS have Sam learning things about her mom's soon-to-be boyfriend.  What will Jerry do when he finds out Claudia is alive?

Anna's back in town!  Robin takes her mom out for a night at Jake's.  Hey I know, let the Super Spy help with the drug investigation.  She'll be in town. 

First Patrick, then Jason and now Sam?  Spinelli needs lady advice and he's consulting a lady this time. 

RUMORS that when Jason Cook joins General Hospital as the young, new doctor, we learn he has a past.  The new doc meets up with Maxie not too long after his arrival in Port Chuck.  I am hearing he is not playing Elizabeth's brother, but he may be someone's brother.  RUMORS say he could be playing a Drake.  Remember when Josh Duhon was first cast as Logan Hayes, he was supposed to be a member of the Drake family.  His resemblence to Kin Shriner and the return of Scotty changed the story direction for his character.  IF he's a Drake, don't expect the reveal right away.  Early RUMORS said JC's character would be connected to the Z's.

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Elizabeth provides comfort for a guilt ridden Jason.  She'll tell the father of her child that he did all he could for Michael and for Jake.  The couple once again wishes of what could be. 


The Jackal confronts the Godfather?  The outcome cannot be good. 

I mentioned yesterday that who is Corinthos-Morgan to battle when their enemies seem more interested in fighting each other?  Well SPOILERS say Jason decides the Zacchara Family's time is up.  

Friendly warning?  Diane tells Kate that Carly and Sonny always find their way back to each other.  Carly and Jax's marriage is on the rocks. 

There are RUMORS about dropped storylines.  We've mentioned that the editing room floor has seen a lot of action lately.  

Tracey leaves with Luke.  But will she come back without her hubby?  RUMORS have Jane Elliot on vacation and Tracey taking Luke up on his offer to go on the run with him.  Earlier it was RUMORED that Tracey returns a few weeks before Luke does.  She may return after Jane's vacation is over and mix it up with Sam on the Haunted Star.  

Are we headed for another 'Who's the Daddy' (WTD) storyline?  RUMORS are saying yes.  I told you yesterday that after the limo sex with Sonny, Carly also sleeps with her husband.