On The Stands: Soap Opera Digest


The cover says it all for me.   

If you haven't read it you may want to pick up a copy of the latest Soap Opera Digest. Joseph Mascolo, the man, the legend, the ICON who's played one of daytime's ultimate villain Stefano DiMera for over 20 years has been let go from Days Of Our Lives. The news first broke in the tabloid Globe Magazine, and many (including myself) were taking it with a grain of salt since well... it's THE GLOBE! We obviously need to stop dissin' the rag,  for this story anyways. Mascolo's firing comes off of the heels of his father's passing.

From SOD, Mascolo says: "From my point of view, as much as  I love [Executive Producer] Ken Corday. I am so deeply ashamed of what he allowed to happen to one of the greatest characters they ever had in Stefano," sighs Mascolo, who spoke to Digest shortly after the death of his beloved father, Peter, who lived to a remarkable 106.

Also inside the revealing interview, Mascolo talks about being wooed back to Days after a 10 year absence from the show to what it will take to be brought back to Days again.  So much for the Phoenix rising again!

Maybe this is just a temporary thing and Stefano will be back on our screens again? Days is famous for punking viewers. Sounds like this is the time for the people over at  Bold and the Beautiful to pick up that phone and call Joe to come on back or maybe the Young and The Restlesscan snatch him up? Can't you see Joe playing a character going head to head against Eric Braden's Victor?