RestlessStyle.Com Is In Business



It's Official! RestlessStyle.com is up and in business. The website ties in with The Young and The Restless storyline about Nick, Phyllis, Jack and Sharon's business endeavor Restless Style Magazine. RestlessStyle.com features fashion, beauty and lifestyles of the rich and the famous. The fashion component highlights designs from actual designers such as Christian Dior and Ivana Omazic.  You can also view videos of the Restless Style Launch Party and photo shoots. Interviews with Kathy Hilton and Samantha, the model on the cover, are also available with comments from Phyllis, Sharon and Jack.  Phyllis is now a fashion expert with her own advice column, Ask Phyllis. There is also an option to subscribe to Restless Style Magazine. The site is complete with advertisements for Crimson Lights and changeable background music that follows you to every page. 

In my honest opinion, RestlessStyle.com is very well put together. The site is very appealing to the eye and the pages flow nicely together. It looks like a website for an actual magazine. The Young and The Restless did a nice job with the addition of real fashion designers work, and interviews of people from the fashion world. Also, the advertisement for Crimson Lights is a very nice touch. However, that background music has got to go! The music is annoying and takes away from the websites feel. It also doesn't help that you can only mute it for so long before it comes back on. Another thing that bothers me is when did Phyllis become a fashion expert? Someone please refresh my memory because I missed that whole thing. Besides these two things and the Your Style section not being up yet, the website is not bad at all. You can tell that The Young and The Restless put some time into the website and I, as a soap fan, appreciate that. I guess the question here is: Why can't the storyline be as enjoyable as the website?