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Young and The Restless Scoops & Spoilers

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David/Nikki/Paul: Even though the new Mrs. David Chow told Paul about her doubts on hubby being back on the wagon, Nikki still marries David which shocks Paul (and me!). That doesn't stop ole' buddy Paul from digging into David's past though... He finds out that David gambled away all of his wealthy wives money. P.I. Paul decides to keep mum to Nikki until he finds some hard evidence before he sticks a fork in that marriage which leads him on a road trip! Paul goes to Bermuda where he finds out that David has an ex wife to get more dirt on Mr. Nikki Reed. If that isn’t bad for David, the man has the NERVE to suggest merging his bank account (or lack thereof) with Nikki’s! Lucky for her, she has the good sense to veto that idea, but it doesn’t stop David from trying to up his line of credit and obtain a loan in Nikki’s name with her SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! Again, lady luck must be on Nikki’s side because that doesn’t go down for David.

Victor/Victoria/Adam (Victor Jr): My mom always told my sister and I growing up that if you don’t listen you will feel and that’s what happens with Adam… All the advice everyone threw his way about Victor comes back on him next week’s the week! The new company that Adam acquires has some lawsuits pending and one of them is from none other than JABOT! Newman E. has to deal with them and TGVN’s not happy and CHEWS Adam a new one! Needless to say, the young man’s stunned by what goes down with he and the ole’ man and what’s surprising is that he goes to Victoria for help. Instead of throwing salt in his wound and game (like I would’ve) Victoria’s the mature one and gives him advice on how to handle dear ole’ dad and takes the high road. Speaking of Adam, he and HEATHER (I did a double take myself) get a bit hot and heavy...Where has she been lately?

The Chancellors: Cane goes a searchin’ for some answers about his bio dad, while his feisty family Jill and Kat start to rumble again.

Danny and Daniel: Senior Romalotti comes to town and offers Danny a chance to travel with him on tour which he happily accepts.Michael Graziadei (Daniel) is off shooting a movie and will be back in July. Wonder what happens with Amber….

Gloria:Am I the only one happy that things go from bad to worse for her? Instead of her karma stock raising it plummets for her...

Nick: He remembers something that shocks him... Is it that his dad’s marrying someone that could be a playmate for Noah? (Sorry but it was too good not to use)

 Rumors, rumors and MORE RUMORS!

Victor/Sabrina: Even though Mr. Newman’s with someone else, that doesn’t stop him from trying to torpedo David and Nikki’s marriage even at the risk of his own relationship going up in smoke..Is this a trend for Victor and Nikki? Speaking of Sabrina, she’s not who she claims to be and maybe covering her true motives… Ray Charles can see that!

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Despite being all happy go lucky, she throws herself into her work in order to forget about the lost Chancellor heir/heiress…

According to her web site,

Nia Peeples

states that we saw the last of Karen on May 13. She says that she’ll keep fans updated on this recent development. Maybe the brass’s giving the character some regroup time, or maybe Y&R’s making way for La Diva, the Divine Drucilla Winters to head back to Genoa City to claim her man and her family?