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Daytime Confidential #242: CBS & Days Baked Pie

On today's CBS & Days of Our Lives' edition of Daytime Confidential Mike, Jamey, and Luke dirty old men on the Young & the Restless. Brad's "thunder thighs" make a come back. Is Lily the new Dru and Nick needs to get over his issues?


Word has it that Beth Ehlers isn't on contract at Guiding Light. Jamey calls Luke on something. Marina needs to quite throwing a fit and where is Cassie?

The Forrester family gathered for Eric and Donna's wedding on the Bold & Beautiful and we're discussing the children's actions and whether or not Donna really loves Eric. Stephanie and Katie's friendship seems to be growing and we can't help but take note. Where in the world did drunk Taylor go? We want her back.

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We discuss this new sexpot Lily and her doing her darn best to steam up As the World Turns and get Holden "in the mood." Is Brad gullible or suffering from guilt? Who knew that it was hugs that made the world go round?

Chelsea left Nick for Dr. Do Good on Days of Our Lives but he doesn't seem to want any of it. Sami's walk down memory lane with John and Hope the humper.

All this and more on this week's CBS and Days of Our Lives edition of Daytime Confidential.

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