General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

I know its a rare weekend post!  Here's the Scoop!  05.17.08

Nikolas ultimately keeps Claudia's secret but threatens to go to the police with Claudia's confession.  Claudia begs Nikolas to keep her secret.   


Jason agrees to take over the organization if Sonny agrees to give up his kids.  Jason wants Sonny to make the same sacrafice he did in order to protect his children.  Will Sonny agree to this blackmail?  If the RUMORS are true, he must because Jason has been SPOILED to take over the mob.  Sonny wants to walk away so he can be a father and Jason wants him to do both, walk away from the business and his boys.  Is this the end of Jason & Sonny?

What happens if the RUMORS about Liason being forced out in the open happen?  Will Jason rethink his spot on Carly's team?  Remember, Jason and Elizabeth MAY be forced out of hiding.  Elizabeth provides comfort for Jason this week and both wish for a life where they can be together.  Back to Liason being exposed... who finds out their secret?  Is it Claudia?  OR is it the RUMORED shooting of Claudia that puts them out there?  Remember, Elizabeth is supposed to be Jason's alibi but the latest gossip is that the scenes that were to take place at Jason's Penthouse may not be happening. 

Max and Diane at the Safehouse?  RUMORS have the pair meeting at Liason's love nest.  Jason may find them there when he goes to clear the safehouse of anything that can link him and Elizabeth together. 

Jason goes after the Zacchara's.  He's the man now.

Jax and Kate admit to their liplock.  It'll increase the guilt factor for Carly and Sonny.  RUMORS have Sonny and Kate getting back together.  Jax and Carly address the problems in their marriage. 

RUMORS have Sam in charge at the Haunted Star.  This MAY take her away from the investigation with Lucky.  It appears that storyline may not be getting much more attention.  

Another kiss?  Yep!  Alexis just loves those bad boys.