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Days Flashback: Steve vs. Bo (1985)

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It has been almost 23 years since we saw Steve and Bo go head to head. Now, in Salem, Steve and Bo are brother-like-buddies. In 1985, caught up in the midst of all the drama surrounding bad girl Britta, Steve had his eye ripped out of his socket by Bo in a fight. In this video, we see Hope being introduced to Steve "Patch" Johnson for the very first time with Bo telling Hope that Steven Earl was bad news and she must stay away from him at all cost. The pier scene between the sexy Bo we all knew and loved together with a trim Patch Johnson is a highlight in this clip. Watch for a baby like Abe Carver and Grandma Alice Horton. I must say that Bo's mullet (pronounced mul-lay) needs to make a comeback, anyone else agree?

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