Days of our Lives: Weekly Preview from Denial Island


G'day Days fans and welcome to this week's preview of Days of our LIves episodes: the View from Denial Island.  This week,  May 19-23, Denial Island is having a  PART-AY!  And you're all invited... as long as you're EJami fans of course! 

The moment you've been waiting for

EJ and Sami get it onnnnn!  Finally!  For those that want to see it - it's Tuesday's epi.  Lucas, having been told by Mickey of the possibility of house arrest,  returns home and walks in on them in bed - geez, he always did have bad timing.  Lucas is sporting a new pretty anklet, one that makes sure he doesn't leave the house -  makes you wonder how's he going to carry out his threats to Sami to leave and take Allie with him (how does one do that when one's under house arrest?).  Is Mommy-bear Kate coming to the rescue?  Of course Lucas does his narna seeing his ex-wife in bed with her husband, but Sami quickly backtracks and tries to explain.  Well gee... Lucas... she did try several times to talk to you about her recent awareness of her obvious feelings for EJ - you got noone to blame but yourself.

Steve and Kayla and... baby Joe!

Awww, poor little thing, newest baby Johnson is in NICU as he isn't breathing well on his own.  Proud parents Steve and Kayla aren't able to see their newborn son (who they name Joe... is this supposed to be some sort of concession to Joe Mascolo do you think?  You're fired, but we'll name a character after you?).  Seems a bit harsh don't you think?  Surely they'd be able to look at him through the incubator-thingie Chief Lexie??  Oddly enough, support comes from an unlikely source in Ava... hmm... what is she up to do you think?  Maybe a baby kidnapping on the horizon?


Put your hands together for Salem's newest engaged couple!  Yay!  Tony finally gets it right and proposes to Anna.  *sigh* of course there are a few obligatory roadblocks in the way before the question is popped, like Anna spotting Tony and Kate together at the Brady Pub.  Anna, I love ya, but you need a bit of a thicker skin, darl.


Ah yes, everyone's favourite newest couple - more of the same this week - going something like this:

Daniel: "Chelsea, I want you, but I'm a big 'fraidy-cat"

Chelsea: "I don't care, givvas a smooch"

    (they kiss, Daniel pulls away, repeat above diaglogue)

Really, they need to move this storyline along a bit faster (don't stone me Dansea fans).


Pretty much doing the parent thing this week - Marlena gets Sami and all her post-coital woes re: Lucas, and Jawn... well, he probably avoids this kind of thing all week and just continues to do what we're all loving at the moment - making snarky comments (Woot! Love it!).

In Other Minor Storylines:

  • Lexie and Abe see a marriage counsellor - please... where is this going? Is this just filler? BORING!!
  • Max admits to Nick that he fixed the grant papers (I'm still waiting for someone to help me figure out this s/l)
  • Morgan and Chloe fight over their man (Definitely more into Morph that Phloe these days - GO MORGAN!)


  • Monday's episode - Maggie, Mickey and some of Alice's doughnuts!

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Well, til next week, where we'll see Jawn's shady dealings catch up with him, have a good one matey's! :=)

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