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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop! 05.19.08

It looked like the great drug caper was getting cut back.  Now I am seeing that Sam may still be looking into Dr. Devlin's evil dealings and it leads her straight to Jerry.  Will Lucky be involved?  He may, but not as heavily as first SPOILED.  Lucky will want Sam to let the authorities handle it and Sam turns to Spinelli for a little assistance.  RUMORS had this storyline being dropped; however, it looks like it'll be mob heavy instead of hospital focused.  


Nikolas has the info that could bring Claudia down.  He's keeping it under wraps to ensure Lulu's safety.  Claudia will take a special interest in her brother's girlfriend as she is the key to Claudia's survival.  Are Nikolas' Cassadine roots coming out to play?  They may have to in order to protect Lulu and Claudia.  Will he even go up against Jason if necessary?

Robin and Patrick continue to bicker.  They'll take their fighting to the internet with their video blogs.  Remember the RUMORS of multiple proposals for Scrubs?  Well it looks like that was one aspect of their storyline that was cut.  Everything I am seeing still points to an engagement and marriage for Scrubs.  Patrick gets upset when Robin keeps insisting they are not going to be married.  In the end SPOILERS say Patrick tells Robin he wants to be with her and their baby.  The nursing staff gets a kick out of Robin's blog.  There is also a kiss coming up for Scrubs.

The Jason and Robin scenes...  it'll be about Michael and Robin's pregnancy.  Jason will also give Robin a little perspective about fathers and their fears. 

Crimson Launch Party, cancelled?  It looks like Kate's party may have been one of the storylines pushed aside.  

RUMORS about a 'Who's the Daddy' storyline for Carly, Jax and Sonny...  are they true?  Not 100% sure but there are more RUMORS coming out about the possibility of a WTD and how the story will be told.  IF they go this route, RUMORS say Carly will tell Sonny she had a paternity test but really didn’t.  She'll tell him that the baby is Jax's.  The RUMORS go on to say that Carly's past history of difficult pregnancies does not allow for a paternity test to be done but she wants Sonny off her back and lies to him.  

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Will Sonny sign away his rights to Michael and Morgan?  Jason tells him he will only take over the business if he does.  I am hearing that Sonny will give up his rights to his sons.  I am also seeing SPOILERS for a reunion between Kate and Sonny that leads to an engagement.  

Jason takes over the mob.  He'll be the godfather now and push everyone away.  First order of business, get rid of the Zacchara's.  

Spinelli... he'll rub Sonny the wrong way on his quest for more information.  What about Spixie?  They'll defintely hit a bump when Jason Cook's character hits Port Chuck but do not lose faith just yet.   The Jackal is still on the hunt for his lady love.


Still seeing RUMORS that Jake's paternity is exposed.  

Ric and Liz RUMORS???  I am seeing a few out and about.  Ric and Elizabeth may have some scenes coming up but it doesn't appear that Liric is being considered.  There are still RUMORS out there that Ric plays a part in Jake's paternity being revealed.