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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop!  05.20.08


Nikolas keeps Claudia's secret to protect Lulu but Johnny is not happy with his sister's increased interest in his girlfriend.  Johnny does not like Claudia butting in to his relationship.  Anthony has been looking for a way to pin his kids against each other.  Has he found it?  Carly has some advice for Lulu, do not make her mistakes.  Lulu, however, feels that she and Johnny could be forever.  

Luke is arrested and Alexis grants his release.  He and Tracy hit the road; however, RUMORS have Jane Elliot returning earlier than Tony Geary.  How early?  SPOILERS say that Tracy catches Lulu in bed with Johnny the first week of June. 

Carly and Jax make love and when she wakes up; she'll find a note from her hubby.  He's off on some business and Carly turns to the Jackal for some assistance in tracking down Jax.  Carly also has scenes with Jerry about Jax's abrupt departure.  

Jason starts a war with the Zacchara's.  Anthony and Trevor feel that Jason is a better mob boss than Sonny.  The Z Family may be a little scared with Morgan calling all the shots.  Every man has a weakness and the Zacchara's set out to uncover Jason's.  This should be the beginning of the paternity reveal.  When Jake's true father is finally revealed, Jason and Elizabeth may still vow to stay apart and for Jason to stay away from Jake.  Even with the paternity revealed, Lucky is RUMORED to still act as Jake's father and protect both the boys.  Sam doesn't see where she fits in with Lucky and his "family."  Jason may eventually have to make some changes to protect Elizabeth and her children.  There are RUMORS that something happens where Jason and Elizabeth realize they must re-think what the best way to keep them safe is.  Are they safer and stronger, together? 

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Has Trevor gotten his wish?  He came to Port Charles to ruin Sonny Corinthos and now Sonny is giving up his seat as the head of his organization.  With ZaCrazy out of jail and as sane as an evil mob boss can be, is the Zacchara Family unstoppable?  Will Ric be playing both sides?  He'll be happy that his brother has stepped down but cautions that Sonny always returns to the business.  Can Ric use the Zacchara's to finally get rid of Jason Morgan? 


What finally pushes Jason to declare war on the Zacchara’s?  RUMORS say that one of their shipments is attacked.  When Jason hits, he hits hard and SPOILERS are claiming that the Zacchara mansion is burning down.

With Lucky helping Elizabeth, Sam decides to investigate Ian alone.  RUMORS say Lucky tries to help her.

Robin and Patrick feel their baby kick.  RUMORS of a Mac scene!  He'll turn to his niece for advice when he finds Spinelli in Maxie's room.  Will the Junior Fashionista see that the Jackal has feelings for her?

Sonny and Kate are SPOILED to get engaged!  With his rights to Morgan gone, will the couple try to have a child?