Wishful Thinking: Guza's Redemption


Redeeming oneself to restore the reputation, honor oneself or something.


Since Michael was shot at his father’s ‘coffee warehouse’ I have been thinking of ways Robert Guza, Jr. can redeem himself from this debacle of a storyline. Currently, it is focusing on the people who raised him and the consequences of their actions, I began pondering how this story can be better. Thus far, this story has not moved me at all, it’s in fact made me angry from day one. Not surprising to those who know I am not a fan of Mr. Guza’s work. The man confuses love with gun violence.

Years ago little Michael was taken away from A.J. Quatermaine because apparently his drinking was no way for a kid to grow up. Without going over history because we all know the sordid details, I think we can all agree that yes at that time, A.J. was in no position to take care of a child but he did have a family that could. Today, Jason realizes what he did to his brother and his family. Trust me when I say Golden Boy, I do not feel your pain!

Now would it not be a wonderful ring to our ears if we hear an ‘I told you so’ from the Quatermaines to Sonny, Carly and Jason??? Think of the scenes: Edward, Monica and Tracy forming a united front, filing papers in Court and taking over custody of Michael. All those years of being shut out of Michael’s life, being told they were crazy, that their house was no place for anyone to grow up because a child can get screwed up, all gone by a hearing awarding sole custody to the Quatermaines leaving Carly, Sonny and Jason to eat dirt. Per our awesome scooper Regan, rumors are that Michael will be SORAS'd and wake up from his coma. If such is the case, then I would like to see Michael want nothing to do with the Corinthos Clan and returning to the Quatermaine family. Another twist in my plot would be that Robin and Patrick attend a medical seminar wherein they learn that a new procedure could reverse brain damage such as Jason's condition via surgery that only Patrick can perform. Jason considers the surgery for the sake of what happened with Michael and so he can still be an Uncle to his nephew, plus a new life with Jake and Elizabeth away from the mob.

That is how Mr. Guza you could redeem himself. I only fear that if the writing style continues the way it is, General Hospital, the soap I have watched for 30 years, that all the core families that made this show, will be nothing but a distant memory. One piece of advice to Mr. Guza, call Ron Calivarti!