Y&R Spoilers and Scoops


The Young and Restless

As I reported

last week

, Adam buys a company that has several lawsuits attached to them, mainly one from that lil' cosmetics company that his sister and ex-stepmom works for. When Victor finds out take cover! Adam's really


that the ole' man rips him a new one. What makes the situation even worse for him is the fact that Victoria had this in HER REPORT she had done for Victor and both senior and junior Newmans ignored it. Neil tells Victor about the info and then tells Victoria.  Adam goes to Victoria for advice and she tells him to man up and tell Victor he made a boo boo and that he will rectify the situation. He then meets with Neil who in part tells Adam, if Newman wins they are going to end up shelling out more bucks than before and, if they lose TTFN... Ta Ta for Now!

Nikki gets some bad news about Mr. Nikki Newman I mean David... Maybe it’s the fact that his name is really CLARK!?

Paul gets a good lead on David's ex and goes to Berumda to meet with Elizabeth Chow....

Speaking of Nikki, Sabrina gets livid when her man The Great Victor Newman just can't get his ex out of his system... Is this the start of the reuniting of Victor and Nikki take 1000?

Nick gets into a car accident and this gives those fightin' Newmans time to sober up on the path their lives are on. Nick then remembers his sheet showdown with Phyllis that prompts him to apologize to Sharon and Daniel... (Mighty big of him)

Let all the Gloria haters rejoice and have the church say, "AMEN!" She gets FIRED from Jabot by Jill and if that wasn't enough.. The diamonds she's sending to the Caymans are KNOCK OFFS!! Did Jeff pull the ole' switch a roo on her? If that wasn't bad enough, she regrets her fling with Alistair AND she has to move back in with Michael and Lauren.

Amber's crushed when Daniel blows GC.