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"Young and Restless" vs. "General Hospital" Battle for Finola Hughes Erupts

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If this isn't the perfect example of the behind the scenes drama being more interesting than what we are seeing on our screens, I don't know what is.


We reported yesterday that Finola Hughes was headed to Genoa City to portray the mother of Victor's new finance, and single most boring character on the Young and Restless in recent memory, Sabrina. Apparently, General Hospital and ABC were less than pleased at the news and issued the following statement.

General Hospital always planned a big summer storyline revolving around the characters of Anna Devane and Robin Scorpio as the mother-daughter relationship continues to grow in the face of Robin becoming a mother for the first time. Upon learning Finola Hughes had booked a role in a short story arc on a competing daytime drama, General Hospital requested that she honor her commitment to our show, and she graciously obliged.

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TV Guide's Michael Logan is now reporting that "the powers at the CBS-Sony soap are furious that their big casting coup was squelched and that Hughes caved in to ABC."

This isn't the first time that General Hospital has clashed over a star. P&G sued Jensen Buchanan when she appeared on General Hospital while still under contract to appear as Vicky's ghost on As the World Turns.

What is ironic about this mess is that if General Hospital would get its act together and actually give Finola Hughes a storyline that respects her character's history as a top knotch crime fighter and the fan's memories of Anna, instead of these brief stints as a bimbo spy spoof, the Young and Restless wouldn't have had the chance to snag the wonderfully talented actress.

P.S. Can someone PLEASE start a soap about the behind the scenes drama of these shows? I'd be tuning in every day.