First Clip of the New "90210"!

File this under OH HELL YES!!!! The CW has released a promo clip of next fall's spinoff of television's first successful teen soap-No, not The Life and Times of Jamie Lynn Spears and Miley Cryus-Beverly Hills, 90210!

Thank GAWD TPTB have the good sense to utilize the original theme song. I tell you I haven't been so stimulated by an audio track since I heard Optimus Prime call for the Transformers to roll out last year!

Also major props to producers of the update for adding a splash or two of color to good old West Bev. The original show was always great about having people of color in recurring or guest roles, but I have to admit I found it a bit odd that eight friends who more or less hung from high school through college only managed to pick up one Asian character in a contract role along the way and no blacks or Latinos. Oh wait wasn't Andrea's hubby Jesse on contract one season??? I forget, anyway with reports of The CW possibly faltering if it doesn't increase ratings next season, here's hoping the second, more diverse and apparently hyper-sexed version 90210 does for the struggling netlet what the first one did for Fox almost 20 years ago...Damn I'm old.

Gush 900 you KNOW you're the man for finding us all this good soapy dish!