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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop!  05.21.08

Burn Baby Burn!  The Zacchara house is burning down.  Who's setting the blaze?


Marital troubles for Carly and Jax.  Is Jason part of the problem?  Carly's continued attachment to the new head of organized crime is a problem for Jax.  As the pair try to work on their marriage and future, more problems come up.

Jerry and Alexis are moving forward.  What do you do when you're the DA and the object of your affection is a criminal? Could Alexis use her relationship with Jerry to get the information she needs as the DA?  Another JLex kiss is coming.

RUMORS that Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy) has been seen back on set.  The actress retired with no fan fare at all.  Now I am hearing that the death coming up could be Audrey, Elizabeth's grandmother.  Those RUMORS about a Steven Lars return?  Would he come back for his Gram's funeral?  

Nikolas finds himself in the middle of the mob mess.  Does everyone on this show have to be in bed with the mob?  

Anthony Zacchara, crazy man but brilliant manipulator.  He'll be playing father off of son and pinning sister against brother.  They are all just puppets to ZaCrazy.  He'll put Ric and Trevor against each other and work them both to his advantage.  Anthony also wants his children to not be so close and he'll start to drive a wedge between Claudia and Johnny.  

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Sonny's proposal to Kate... is it more of a proposal for him?  It looks like Sonny pops the question to get on with living his "normal" life.  One outside of the mob. 

Even though Luke is skipping town... Johnny and Lulu decide to stay together.  Luke is SPOILED to tell Lulu he's only leaving long enough to clear his name of the money laundering charges.  RUMORS say Johnny and Lulu may be moving in together.  He will need a new place when the Z Mansion goes up in flames.  

Fan Frustration... there's a lot to be frustrated about when you're a GH fan but I'm talking about one storyline specifically.  Robin, Patrick and the Baby.  What was supposed to be a HIV Baby storyline, has very little to do with the actual HIV part of the story.   There are RUMORS still out there about a health scare/problem for Robin that puts things into perspective for both Robin and Patrick.  Is it HIV related?  Not sure.

The Redemption of Claudia Zacchara... is it working?  Is there any change in the character from when she first showed up in Port Chuck?  I don't see it but if the online rumblings are correct, the redemption of Claudia is the reason for ignoring other storylines. 

RUMORS out and about...  Two ladies may be jumping ship.  Another actor/actress asked Finola to stay with the alphabet. Someone may have auditioned for a primetime gig.


Nightshift Season Two... Robin and Patrick will be pulling the late shift once again.  So will Epiphany.  Leyla?  Some RUMORS say no she will not be on NS2.