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Guiding Light: Beth Ehlers' Exit Storyline Update

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Earlier this week, we reported a possible scenario for Beth Ehlers' exit from Guiding Light. This scenario has turned out to be true according to an article appearing in Soap Opera Digest this week. The article titled "Rafe Shoots Jeffrey" explains Rafe's reasons for shoooting Jeffrey and exactly how Harley becomes involved. Harley not only takes Rafe out of town, but out of the country. Rafe doesn't tell a soul where he is going, leaving Natalia in hysterics. Harley tells Buzz and Buzz only where she is going, but swears him to secrecy. How Harley and Rafe end up back in Springfield is still on the fuzzy side. The article ends with a representative from Guiding Light  stating that there will be a "great story" behind Harley's exit and her last airdate is June 23. Be sure to stay tuned to Daytime Confidential for more updates on this story.

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