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BREAKING NEWS: Hogan Sheffer Joins "Young and Restless" as Co-Head Writer

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Soap Opera Network is reporting that former As the World Turns and Days of Our Lives'  Head Writer Hogan Sheffer is joining the #1 rated soap, The Young and the Restless as Co-Head Writer.

Many fans had wondered where Sheffer might end up after leaving his roller coaster ride of a stint at Days of Our Lives. Unlike Days of Our Lives, many fans would probably agree that Sheffer might find a better home for his character-driven storylines at The Young & the Restless than at Days of Our Lives, known for its plot-driven storylines.

What do you think of Sheffer joining The Young and the Restless? As a fan of his writing since his time on As the World Turns I can only hope that he helps The Young and the Restlessregain some of its ratings luster, much like he did As the World Turns.

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