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Days of Our Lives: The Return of Captain Smug

Daddy's (unfortunately) home. Let the righteous posturing and Sami croc tears commence, Lucas (Bryan Datillo) is back! What a horrible, hideous way to interrupt the liquid hot and very consentual sex that was taking place between Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott), than to have her sanctimonious, shrieking, jerk of a "one true love" show up at the DiMera mansion before EJ could properly give Sami that fabled second O...see I was talking about a second helping of Oreo cookies. Get your mind out of the gutter!  

I am so cotton-picking sick and tired of Lucas Roberts Horton possibly DiMera, possibly Vitale, possibly the son of the Milk Man, the Paper Boy and Danny Tanner from Full House! I never thought it was be possible for me to find a character more smug and condescending to a woman he claims to love than Josh Lewis  on Guiding Light. But at least the whole Madonna/Whore thing has always been part of Josh and Reva's mythology. Reva never thought she was good enough for Josh and although he loved taking her to bed, trusting her as his wife was never possible. What's that saying about trying to turn a whore into a housewife? Back to Lucas, what makes his constant berating of Sami so infuriating is that he's just like her! Yet one day he decided to climb up on a peak just outside of Green Mountain Lodge and forever look down his nose in judgement of Sami, that is when he isn't trying to jump her bones!

I really hope TPTB follow the chemistry, not to mention the resurgence of Sami's true character and nature that takes place when she's with EJ. I wanted to throw an apple at my screen when Lucas barked at Sami like she was a dog to go get HIS daughter. Okay, so it was a Hershey bar, big deal, I start low carb tomorrow. Honest.  Bryan Datillo is awesome as Lucas and I am glad to have him back on my screen, but not, I repeat, not with Sami. They work great as mortal enemies, just as long as Sami is giving it just as good as she gets, but as a couple they have never worked. Why not try Lucas out with Ava or Morgan? Sami would hate having another woman in her kid's life and this would cause rich conflict that keeps them tied together, but not in this tired, forced romance.

Samantha Jean Brady  is not some whimpering willow, desperately in need of love and affirmation from the likes of Lucas Horton. The creep told her to move on, so she did. And from the looks of things, she damn enjoyed it!    

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