"Young and Restless" Live Blogging: He just got ran over!! 2x!! UPDATE!

JESUS! I knew it was coming but I still wasn't ready for it and apparently neither was Adam on the The Young and the Restless! Victor just ran over his face with the information on the new company that junior bought. Yes. I know you're suppose to do your homework to the latter in order to make sure the company your about to take over is worth it but man oh man! Adam really got his butt chewed up!

Y&R did me proud with that showdown because Kansas Toto, as I like to call him sometimes, was itching to get his taste of the Victor Newman that everyone tried to warn him about. The harder you climb the harder you fall as they say and boy did he get it. He had that boy stuttering and sweating like a fat kid who has been told he has to run laps. The dismissal Victor gave Adam after that smackdown was priceless! Victor Newman swatted him away like he was a gnat at a summer picnic.

Side note: Did anyone notice Sabrina's shocked expression on Victor ordering her out like she was 5! Welcome to the world of being Victor Newman's wife sweetie.....

I had to come back people because I LOVED Neil giving Adam his scolding! I semi take back the things I said about Neil being a yes-man. Yes he is one but to an extent, and cracked up LAUGHING when he told Adam off about running over Victoria and throwing his school in Kansas's face like he does with Victoria and Nick. Man I was NOT expecting Neil to bring the thunder on him too!