Young and The Restless Spoilers & Scoops UPDATED!

I guess Victor and Adam are cool now because he asks the prodigal son to be his best man.


Speaking of TGVN, he and Nikki are going to be in an all out war with the lawsuit Newman Enterprises is in with Jabot. Ms. Nikki ain’t backing down against Sugar Ray I mean Victor so get ready for it to be NASTY and not in a good way.

Nikki sees David give Brad money, when she asks him about it he brings up the Jabot vs. Newman lawsuit to throw her off his scent. Unfortunately for David, that can't be done so easily to Paul because he chats with David's ex that says he's a KILLER! Child this story's starting to pick up some steam!~

Another clash that’s going to go down is between Jack and Sharon. Now I wonder if this is the start of something bigger that some fans are clamoring to see…

Gotta love that Gloria (snicker), just when you thought she was down and out she pulls a stunt that may end up costing her beloved Jeffery his life.

Chloe fakes being ill so she can get some quality time with Cane. Now THIS is starting to lead somewhere, maybe we can FINALLY see Lily show us that she ain’t Mal and Dru’s kid for nothing.

Stay tuned for more..

Just when I thought I was done, got some mo' grits as my people say!

Nick gets his memory back after he has an accident. Phyllis gets the call while she's chowing down with The Chows (yeah I know its bad but I couldn't resist!). The posse go to the hospital where Nick acts a bit aloof with Phyllis and rides out to the ranch with VICTOR! While he and pops head back to the pondarosa Nick calls the former Mrs. Nick Newman to meet up @ his crib where he confesses he remembers everything and says he's sorry for shaggin' Phyllis while married to her. They both then head out to visit Cassie's grave and when Nick returns home he tells the current Mrs. Nick Newman he remembers all.. Sorry Shick fans, he doesn't dump Phyllis for Sharon he tells red that due to her he's a better man because she's in his life... Ok if you say so.