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Daytime Confidential #244: Mimi Torchin Interview

On today's episode of the Daytime Confidential podcast Mimi Torchin, the founding editor of Soap Opera Weekly visits with Luke and Jamey about her trailblazing career.


We visit about what it was like to found Soap Opera Weekly, compete with "the Digest", how she coined the term "SORAS" and the difficulties the magazine encountered when they provided honest criticism of the daytime industry.

Mimi tells of her time at Soapnet and how it was difficult at first to get stars from the other networks to appear because the networks were worried about losing viewers.

We ask for her thoughts on the current state of the daytime industry and what can be done to stop the genre's decline.

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Known for her honest appraisal of the industry, we discuss All My Children's rewriting to Erica's abortion and when exactly the show lost its way along with which shows she still watches today.

Since "leaving" the industry Torchin has pursued her passion for photography and you can visit her website Mimi Torchin Photography to see her work.

We know you're going to enjoy this wonderful and insightful interview so tune in today!

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