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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Just a few thoughts about yesterday before I move on to today….

While I completely don’t understand why Trevor went against Anthony’s wishes and set up Luke, I do like the fact that we finally have a decent exit for Luke, for TG to go on vacation. I liked the fact that both Lucky and Lulu knew their dad was leaving and were able to say goodbye. And I loved the fact that they finally, FINALLY wrote Tracy going with him. Even if she comes back ahead of him, because JE’s vacation is likely shorter than TG’s, at least she went with him. Besides, we all know they wouldn’t have written anything for Tracy while TG was gone anyway. What I would have liked, was a scene with Sam, where Luke tells her to run the Star while he’s gone.

By contrast, what they wrote for IR’s vacation is just terrible. Jax is supposed to be a decent guy, but were supposed to believe that he would leave his grieving wife, in the middle of the night with only a note and no information as to where he is or how to get a hold of him if needed. Somebody in the writing room hates that guy.

And now onto today….

Kate, Kate, Kate. UGH. To think I once actually liked her. Now, not so much. I don’t care how much she loves her boyfriend, you don’t go to the house of his ex, when she’s grieving and tell her what to do with her other child. I don’t like Carly and generally love when she gets a well deserved smackdown, but even I was annoyed by Kate’s presence. Carly’s finally doing the right thing, thinking about her child and his safety first. Then for Kate to ask Diane about it later just made it even worse.

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The idiot award goes to Lulu. What did she think she’d accomplish going up against Anthony, who’s this giant mob guy? He’s already shown that he doesn’t care about her family, by threatening Luke, so she should have known he’d target someone else the next time. For once, I agreed with Trevor in that they should just get rid of her. Tiresome girl.

Scrubs: It never ceases to amaze me, how these writers manage to come up with horrible, horrible stuff for them to argue about. I keep thinking the writers have a grab bag of really stupid and lame arguments, and each week, they pick one out of the bag and that’s what Patrick and Robin are arguing about that week. Plus, it just makes Robin look silly, complaining on a website about her poor, poor life. Seriously, other pregnant women are watching that?

Sweet Diane/Max scenes. I like them when they’re subdued and not over the top silly.

Not liking the Spinelli/Maxie jealousy stuff.

Sort of liking the vibe between Nik and Claudia and I felt a little guilty when Nadine showed up!