General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Nik/Claudia: Still liking them. I just feel like TC is doing some decent work, and seems interested in the scenes and in SBr. He just seemed so tired and annoyed with the Tumor Emily story and now he’s got something juicy to sink his teeth in. SBr’s not playing Claudia as the sex kitten and all of her secrets are exposed and she’s allowing Nikolas to see a side of her that I don’t think anyone else has seen, including Johnny.

It suddenly occurred to me today, why I’ve been liking the Nik/Claudia scenes so much. They aren’t recycled, at least, not yet.

Johnny/Lulu: Recycled. They want to be together. They break up. They get back together. They break up. Someone pushes them together. Someone warns them off each other. It’s tiresome and other than a crazy parent each, they don’t have anything in common and I find it hard to see what they see in each other. Although, I guess I see what Lulu sees in him. He’s the bad boy and in a way, very similar to her father. But what does he see in her?

Scrubs/Anna: Recycled. Patrick and Robin come up with things to fight about. Robin has every stereotypical pregnancy ailment and some that are purely made up. Anna shows up out of the blue and goes through the entire grandma schtick, “my back hurts, I have to drink tea and baby proof my gun closet”. It just could be done so much better.

And speaking of Robin, if they’re going to continue to insist on having her complain about weight gain and “looking like a cow”, then they either need to start getting her to wear the pregnancy pad, or stop wearing the tight little clothes.

And speaking of Anna, what was that whole fight at Jake’s? I get why they did it, to prove that she’s not your typical granny, but wth? The first guy grabs her and pulls a knife on her. Why? Then once she’s beaten the crap out of him, the second guy waits until she’s free, than starts fighting her, even though she levelled out the first guy. Oy!!

Jason/Sonny: Not sure what to make out of that whole mess. So all I’ll say, is actually based on the previews for next week, of Jason telling Sonny that he can’t leave and have a charmed life now that everything’s in the crapper.