General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop! 05.23.08

Jason's declaring war and the Z Family Mansion is RUMORED to burn down.  Are the two related?  However Jason strikes, RUMORS say Anthony strikes back!


Jason's the new leader of the organization and as I mentioned the Z's need to find his weakness.  RUMORS have had Ric playing a role in the outing of Jake's paternity but it looks like there could be more to that story. 

The lastest RUMORS suggest that it's Ric who tells Anthony they need to exploit Jason's weak spot.  What Ric doesn't realize is that his little suggestion could put Elizabeth in harms way.  Will Ric back peddle?  We all know that Ric may be evil at times, but he's usually regretful to a certain degree.  These RUMORS go on to say that Johnny may come to Ric's aid to get the heat off of Liz.  Is it too late?  I mentioned RUMORS of Trevor finding the link that goes from Jason to Jake.

Jake's paternity reveal...
  I know, you're probably all sick and tired of waiting for it.  I hear ya... don't shoot the messenger, I only report what comes across my monitor.  RUMORS say its coming out and look for it mid to late June. 

K-I-S-S-I-N-G.... who's sittiing in the tree?  SPOILERS say Lulu catches her brother in a lip lock.  Which bro?  Nikolas!  The prince is kissing the mafia princess. 

A couple of programming notes... With Monday being Memorial Day, General Hospital will be a repeat.  The MetroCourt Explosion will re-air.  Also, Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks) will be off for two weeks shooting a documentary.  Online rumblings say scenes were pre-shot. 


Maxie should be calling in her favor that Johnny owes her.  Most likely to get under Lulu's skin. 

Sonny and Kate fans... Sonny is SPOILED to go to Kate and tell her he wants to be together.  Sonny wants Kate to be a part of his "new" life.  I am still seeing RUMORS of an engagement for the couple.

Is Monica finally getting out of rehab?  Not sure but it looks like Monica may pop up in early June.  

A name has been given to Jason Cook's character.  His character will be Dr. Matt Hunter.  IF he is linked to someone on canvas, we can't tell by his name but that doesn't mean he won't be.

SPOILERS/RUMORS/ONLINE RUMBLINGS... all say a veteran character is being killed off.  Everyone from Edward to Audrey to Mac have been said to be possibly dying.  There was a RUMORED sighting of Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy) on set and from that, everyone assumed she was the death.  Audrey, however, could have been returning for a funeral.  MY THEORY... no way are they killing off another Quartermaine, so Edward is out of the running.  Mac?  Are they trying to send Maxie to the psych ward?  So I would say the Police Commissioner is safe.  Audrey actually makes a lot of sense.  Ms. Ames is retired and Audrey is only mentioned when she's honking her horn in Elizabeth's driveway or on babysitting duty.  Also, RUMORS say TPTB may be trying for the return of certain characters to attend the deceased's services.  Why not bring back a Hardy or Webber?  It'll give Elizabeth a little bit of family back in Port Chuck.  And, with Kent Masters King being put on recurring status, how about the return of Audrey's son, Tom Hardy?  He's a psychiatrist.  For the record, I am not happy that KMK was bumped.