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Young and Restless: Remembering Cassie

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Three years ago today, tragedy struck the town of Genoa City as 14-year old Cassie Newman died due to complications from a car accident. For all of you Young and The Restless fans out there like me, you remember this event vividly. I still remember crying when Cassie flat lined and The Young and the Restless theme music hit. Today's show brought me back to that moment. 


It all started with Nick and Sharon reliving memories of their daughter at Cassie's Corner in Crimson Lights. The chemistry between Josh Morrow(Nick) and Sharon Case(Sharon) is always there and it really showed today. The grief that Nick and Sharon have for their daughter still remains and I really felt their pain. Losing a daughter or a relative is something you never really get over and the scenes between Nick and Sharon at the coffee house let that be known. Also, Nick and Sharon's lack of focus and anguish at Restless Style was so realistic. You have seen people in a similar situation act they same way Nick and Sharon did today. It was something we could all relate to in some way, and that touched me.

Even though the earlier scenes were great, the one that stole the show was Sharon at Cassie's grave. When Sharon started talking about how Cassie would probably have a boyfriend, be graduating high school soon, and getting ready for college, I started tearing up. It felt like Cassie was really there listening to her mother. By the end of the scene when Sharon said "My beautiful daughter", put Cassie's tassel on her grave, and laid down beside it, I was crying like a baby. Sharon Case really brought the house down in this scene. Her progression from being kind of okay to breaking down was just great. The music also added another level of emotion to her great performance. It was that good old fashioned soapy music and I loved every minute of it. In short, the remembrance of Cassie was just plain good. It was a soap done right. It was The Young and The Restless as it should be: Great!

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